Quality Policy

We are the leading producer of chemical reagents in the domestic market. We always want to be with our products and services one step ahead of our competition. Chempur Company constantly tries to predict Clients’ needs. Therefore, it introduces many innovative and useful solutions.

Continuous self-improvement and accomplishment of the organization processes, guarantee achieving the leader position among Market competition, in order to meet the needs of our customers as well as to contribute to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our activities are focused on:
• active involvement of managers and staff, who will raise their qualifications and modernize the workplace,
• investing in new technologies, increasing our product range and expanding to other markets using marketing methods (market monitoring, analysis of customer satisfaction) as well as improvement our employee’s expertise and experience,
• continuous improvement of customer service (concerning both customers and suppliers), services connected with terms of delivery, collaboration and direct contact with the client aiming at increasing the level of supply.

The top management will provide the resources and essential tools to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of existing quality management system.

In terms of quality control, we cooperate with the University of Silesia in Katowice. We possess written evidence of the recognition of the quality of our reagents approved by a number of research institutes across the country and abroad. By entering in the production of HPLC solvents , we successfully replaced an expensive Western Production, convincing many Customers to our manufacture.

In collaboration with researchers from Gdansk University of Technology, we have designed methods for micro traces analysis of 7 heavy metals applicable while using the UPE-3 camera. At the same time, we conducted extensive research on the implementation of hydrogen peroxide solutions production with a high degree of purification.